Development Solutions provides a wide range of professional services within its five main programs: 1. Sustainable Economic Development, 2. Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency, 3. Democratic Institutions and Efficient Administration, 4. Social Security and Sustainable Communities, and 5. Vibrant Civil Society and Media. Each program contains specific areas of expertise, as part of which Development Solutions provides consulting services for organizational, programing and financial management; development of performance assessment systems; market research and public opinion polls; policy development and evaluation; public communications and publicity; software, programs and apps development; organization of events; design, publication of documents, and more.

Sustainable Economic Development

The European Union membership passes through a functioning market economy and an ability to cope with competition and other market forces within the EU. Kosovo is in its initial stages of building a functioning market economy. The country needs to improve its business environment and promote entrepreneurship, increase exports and reduce trade deficit while combating the informal economy and increasing employability. Development Solutions offers partnerships in addressing the challenges of sustainable economic development in some of the areas of country's comparative advantage:

1Sustainable tourism 2Agriculture and rural development 3Entrepreneurship, industry and innovation 4Promotion of investments 5Development of education and connection with the market

Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency

The state of Kosovo has intensified its efforts to address environmental challenges and climate change. Citizens' health is directly influenced by the quality of air, water and sewage systems, waste management and sources of pollution. In particular, the country is in need of effective policies and programs in the energy sector. Development Solutions combines the experience of domestic and international experts in providing expertise in:

1Integrated waste management 2Pollution reduction (reducing its sources) 3Energy efficiency 4Environmental CSR 5Spatial planning and development

Democratic Institutions and Efficient Administration

Kosovo institutions continue to implement the obligations of the European integration process emerging from the Stabilization and Association Agreement. A long way ahead remains for the rule of law consolidation and improvement of transparency and accountability parameters. While building a strategic framework for public administration reform, institutions must increase their commitment to improve their performance in policy development, public finance management, civil service management, administration accountability and service delivery. Development Solutions offers programs tailored to:

1Sustainable development policies 2Development of civil servants’ skills 3Efficiency in service delivery 4Institutional performance assessment 5Public administration reform

Social Security and Sustainable Communities

Though the proportion of Kosovars living in poverty is decreasing, the overall level remains concerning. The institutions continue to face difficulties in implementing social care schemes and increasing employability of women and youth. Public health expenditures are in need of steady increase while at the same time providing access to health services for the poor and functionalizing the health information system. Non-majority communities should enjoy special social and health care as a prerequisite for their social integration. Development Solutions engages in specialized welfare programs:

1Improvement of public health parameters 2Social care for disadvantaged groups 3Information and health management system 4Integration of non-majority communities 5Promotion of and education on healthy living

Vibrant Civil Society and Media

The civil society and the media continue to play a central role in stirring democratic debate as well as developing and implementing public policies in Kosovo. The strengthening of civil society organizations and media outlets guarantees the country's advancement in the path of democratization and sustainable development. Development Solutions provides expertise in several areas of internal development and programming for both NGOs and the media:

1Strategic planning and development 2Institutional and financial sustainability 3Regional and international development 4Networking and effective advocacy 5Media program quality and audience building

Overview of Services

Pillars of National Development of Kosovo

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